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Peg Leg Porker - "Live From BS Corner"

Join us for a sitdown at Bullshit Corner with the Peg Leg Porker himself, Carey Bringle, and his panel recorded live at Peg Leg Porker.  Each episode features a special guest who joins us to talk about anything and everything.

Sep 20, 2018

Billy Dec, Emmy award winning Producer, Actor and Restaurateur, stops by for the first podcast from the new 2nd level of Peg Leg Porker - Carey's Pig Pen. Billy and the crew discuss his new Nashville restaurant Sunda, moving here, and a boy band rumble.

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Music by Andy Velo Music


Sep 15, 2018

The corner moved to Memphis in May, annual special episode, guests Ernie Mellor, Shane McBride, Craig Verhage and Leslie Roark Scott sit down with Carey at the World Championship Barbecue Contest and share their stories while eating Peg Leg Porker Pork Rinds


Sponsored by Peg Leg Porker

Music by Andy Velo...